I brought Caitlín up to the studio for her second birthday photo session and what fun we had, playing peep and singing round and round the garden. Theres nothing like capturing a childs natural smile and natural expressions, images to treasure forever.

Recently Caitlín is wanting to look at the photographs on my phone. I don’t like her having her face stuck in my phone so I took out some photo albums and she is loving looking at photos from when she was a baby (I need to print the last 10 months photos, which is on my to do list)  Its sooooo important to print your photographs and not just have memories on a phone screen, whether is be for the wall or an album, PRINT!

CMP_6294-copy CMP_6285-copy CMP_6283-copy CMP_6271-copy CMP_6269-copy CMP_6234-copy CMP_6228-copy CMP_6225-copy


Caitlín is TWO

I have so many photos to edit, but couldn’t help but edit these and share a few from her birthday. I can’t believe Caitlín is two already and Clara is 4 months. Thanks to our family and friends that came to Caitlíns birthday she had a special day with you all xCMP_4640 CMP_4644 CMP_4681


Ronan loves minions so now every time she sees them she says Ronans minnions

CMP_4694 CMP_4726



CMP_4738 CMP_4745


mission impossible with these three



Caitlíns cake (made by me!)


peppa cake for the adults


she couldnt wait to eat it, she loves her fruit so much (long may it last)