January – December 2022 inclusive


A usual session will last between a half hour to an hour.


A usual session will last approximately one hour, however it could run longer.


Newborn sessions can run anywhere from two to three hours.

I am available for shoots on a Saturday or Sunday and have limited availability during the week.

The best photographs from our shoot are selected by myself, edited and sent to you via a digital download (download onto your desktop  and back them up  straight away!) I keep your digital files  on my studio hard drive for two months only.

Full payment for sessions are payable on the day of your session.

2 thoughts on “Price

  1. Hi

    For the newborn photoshoot, do we get a copy of all photos taken on the day? What’s your availability over the next few weeks? I’ve a 6 week old, is that too late for the newborn shoot?


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