I brought Caitlín up to the studio for her second birthday photo session and what fun we had, playing peep and singing round and round the garden. Theres nothing like capturing a childs natural smile and natural expressions, images to treasure forever.

Recently Caitlín is wanting to look at the photographs on my phone. I don’t like her having her face stuck in my phone so I took out some photo albums and she is loving looking at photos from when she was a baby (I need to print the last 10 months photos, which is on my to do list)  Its sooooo important to print your photographs and not just have memories on a phone screen, whether is be for the wall or an album, PRINT!

CMP_6294-copy CMP_6285-copy CMP_6283-copy CMP_6271-copy CMP_6269-copy CMP_6234-copy CMP_6228-copy CMP_6225-copy

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