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I took these photographs over a year ago and have been meaning to post something about them for a long time but am only getting around to doing it now……better late than never!

You can see what a huge difference an item of clothing makes to a photograph.  When you look at the photograph on the left all you can see is the dress where on the right its the childs face that you are drawn to. It is a beautiful dress in the photo on the left but it does not photograph well in the studio.

I thought I would post this to let people see that softer colours work best when photographing children and give you something to think about when picking an outfit for photographs. When you look at your photographs you don’t want to be drawn to what they are wearing but their cute little faces.


Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures

8 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures

(outdoor location)

I found this article on sixthbloom website and thought I would post it as it gives some good advice on what to wear regardless whether Spring to Winter.

1 Texture your Pictures-  Be sure to have some layers, texture, dimension in your pictures!  Layer your son with a t-shirt and a denim button down over it, your daughter to have a belt that adds a pop of color, or as in this image mom has texture/layer on her top.  Spring is harder to layer because we are always so ready for cooler/summer-y type clothes, but throwing some layers in there provides the texture.  Think hats for boys, a light airy scarf for girls, leggings with a ruffled skirt, necklaces…think layers! Erin Rachel Photography  8 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures 2- Choose 2-3 complimentary colors that YOU like.  It could be yellow, blue, and cream or red, brown, and white or….  Either way, make sure you’ve got some color in there.  Then have one person, maybe two people, wear something that is a non-solid using the colors you’ve chosen.  Everyone else should wear solids from the same color palette.  This way you’ll look cohesive without being too uniform.

I strongly advise that you not mix too many non-solids together, especially if you have a small family.  And I also encourage you to stay away from everyone wearing the same white or black shirt with jeans or khakis.  Bring in some color!!  :)

 8 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures

3- Choose varying shades of the same color instead of trying to match perfectly.  This gives some variety while still looking cohesive.
 8 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures
4- Choose 2-3 colors for large families or large groups then have everyone dress themselves using those colors.  Its a win win because you’ll all match, but everyone gets to be themselves!
  8 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures 5- What looks good in your home? Think about what would look good hanging up on the walls of your home.  Pick clothing that will compliment the colors in your home so that you can display your photos proudly!
 8 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures6- Avoid Matchy- Matchy. Don’t feel like you have to simply chose one color to coordinate! Chose 3-4 even and spread out the colors through your individual clothing options. Grey pants for Dad, silver scarf for Mom, and a silver sweater for their daughter mixed with a plaid or jean print would pull together everyone in a cohesive theme, without reverting to the old “matchy-matchy” that is so not for 2015!
  8 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures
 7- Pick neutral colors then add a splash of color!  I love warm and neutral tones with a touch of color. This peach color is perfect for spring. Layering is a great way to add some versatility to your look.
 8 Tips on What to Wear for Spring Family Pictures
8- Think about your location as well!  When styling your spring session, think about the location as well when choosing your outfits and accessories. This military family wanted their session in Washington DC so that they could remember the time they spent in our nation’s Capitol. I love how they wore red, white, and blue to highlight their service to our country. The outfits were classic and sophisticated; completely PREPtacular, and their photos will never go out of style.