Photo Year Books

Last year I made the decision to print a year book. (I have all my photos printed and in albums previous to this!) why take all these photos on your mobile if your not going to do anything with them!

Cover painted by Miss Caitlín Landers

At the end of the month I download all my mobile photo phone and my “good camera” photos to the computer, and decide what photos are going to be in the year book. I use blurb, I previously used it for the girls first year books and I just love their books. I have the app downloaded to the computer and as the end of each month after I have my photos I design the pages, it’s very easy to use, you can decide how little or many photos you want on a page (it also tells you if photos aren’t good enough quality and you can remove or reduce the size of them) you can enter text and your in control of it all. There’s so many layouts to choose from or you can design your own and save them for future use.

My 2016 book ended up around 150 pages or so and probably close to 1500 photos (I’m guessing) all the details captured, memories to treasure forever 💕

As the end of the month is here in this new year this could be something for you to think about, maybe something you could start with your family.

Here’s a few photos from my book.

cmp_3165cmp_3167 cmp_3170 cmp_3171 cmp_3172 cmp_3175 cmp_3176 cmp_3177 cmp_3180cmp_3178


Clara is ONE

Clara is ONE, I can’t believe it. Second time around the time goes so much quicker. It makes me so happy to see Clara smiling in all these photographs, she is such a happy little girl! Of course we had Miss Caitlín join us for some as well. Here are a few from their session.


CMP_3156 CMP_3171 CMP_3197 CMP_3209 CMP_3217 CMP_3221 CMP_3267 CMP_3313 CMP_3314 CMP_3318 CMP_3347 CMP_3351 CMP_3356 CMP_3358 CMP_3361 CMP_3364 CMP_3371 CMP_3388 CMP_3403 CMP_3435CMP_3292CMP_3302CMP_3394CMP_3401

Caitlín & Ronan

an hour at florenecourt yesterday evening – cousin love ❤️💙 Clara slept through it all but it won’t be long until she’s running around with them.

I had as much fun if not more capturing it all from behind my lens – forever memories.





running telling nanny all the craic


little one for clara 💕


how many do you have??!