Sunrise 13th March 2015

So I decided to get up at 6 (yes I am mad in the head) and headed off to Derryvore Quay for Sunrise.

I was so disappointed in the sunrise, the image below was actually the first photo I took when I arrived at 6.30 (my test shot). There was nothing special about the Sunrise this morning at all, but thats the way it is, its not always going to be a beautiful sunrise, unfortunately 😦

Derryvore Quay

Derryvore Quay

I decided when I was beside Crom Church I would take a quick drive over to it when I was up and got nothing really from Derryvore Quay and it was totally worth it. I just love the peace and quiet this time of the morning, listening to the birds singing before heading to get ready for the day ahead.

Crom Church

Crom Church

I was driving along the teemore road on my way home and spotted these sheep, I couldn’t but not stop and take some photos. I think though the sheep thought I was going to feed them and weren’t very happy with me and chased me out of the field. But I got a photo or tow before I had to jump the fence and get out of there!!!

CMP_0864 copyCMP_0871 copy

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