Two Gorgeous Girls

A couple of weeks ago I had an in home family session with these two gorgeous girls. There is nearly the  same age difference with my two girls so it was like looking at myself 10 months ago. Doireann just reminds me of my Caitlín so much and we had lots of fun together and lots of giggles. Saoirse decided that she didn’t want to sleep while I was there, she only closed her eyes for 5 minutes. I still got some beautiful photos though. 

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend, here’s a few from our session to put a smile on your face. 

CMP_2548 CMP_2551 CMP_2557 CMP_2567 CMP_2582 CMP_2596 CMP_2599 CMP_2609 CMP_2613 CMP_2619CMP_2527

Archie is ONE

Saturday was Archie’s first birthday and what a way to start the day, a photo session. From the minute I met Archie he was smiling. He is just the sweetest little boy and he smiled and laughing the whole way through the session as you can see from these photos!
CMP_2164CMP_2116B&W-2193CMP_2090CMP_2081B&W-2192CMP_2144CMP_2085B&W-2174CMP_2041CMP_2108CMP_2104CMP_2112CMP_2129PTM Storyboard 3 UpB&W-2234B&W-2222B&W-2213B&W-2248