Freya and Holly

I couldn’t wait up get this blog up, its been a while from I have done some blogging. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year,  its seems like a distant memory at this stage.

Holly was born over Christmas so here’s a few photographs from her session. While she was having a wee feed I also got some photos of her big sister Freya.


cmp_2629 cmp_2627 cmp_2622 cmp_2597 cmp_2596 cmp_2594 cmp_2588 cmp_2586 cmp_2584 cmp_2581 cmp_2546 cmp_2527 cmp_2518 cmp_2665


Clara is ONE

Clara is ONE, I can’t believe it. Second time around the time goes so much quicker. It makes me so happy to see Clara smiling in all these photographs, she is such a happy little girl! Of course we had Miss Caitlín join us for some as well. Here are a few from their session.


CMP_3156 CMP_3171 CMP_3197 CMP_3209 CMP_3217 CMP_3221 CMP_3267 CMP_3313 CMP_3314 CMP_3318 CMP_3347 CMP_3351 CMP_3356 CMP_3358 CMP_3361 CMP_3364 CMP_3371 CMP_3388 CMP_3403 CMP_3435CMP_3292CMP_3302CMP_3394CMP_3401